Wills and Estate Planning

Wills and Estate Lawyers You Need Today

While will and estate planning may not be something you’d like to think about today, the right approach to the matter can save you and your family plenty of hassle in the years to come. At Rose Law, we work individually with each client to create an efficient plan for his or her future. We take the time to understand each client’s situation, study the assets, and consider the requirements.

Having a will and dealing with estate planning is a key to a peaceful life. Rose Law can assist you with preparing a power of attorney to make sure important decisions are made correctly even if you are incapable of making them.

Besides giving valuable recommendations, a trust and estate planning attorney can guide you through the process of estate administration. We also assist with estate sales and asset distribution.


Services Offered by Rose Law

At Rose Law, we can help you with the following matters:

Drafting a Will
Power of Attorney
Estate Planning and Administration

Drafting a Will

Your will is a legal document, which comes into power after your death and provides information about asset distribution. Having a lawyer assist you with writing a will ensures its legality. Whether you need an Oakville lawyer or any other will assistance in Toronto and the GTA, Rose Law is ready to offer its services.

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney is a legal document, which authorizes a certain person to make finance-related decisions on your behalf. For example:

Pay bills
Withdraw funds from bank accounts
Selling/purchase property or other assets
Signing legal documents

Appointing a power of attorney is an important decision. It will function even if you are incapacitated and become incapable to make financial decisions. It stops being active when the person dies and the will come into force. You can revoke the power of attorney at any time as long as you are capable of doing it.

At Rose Law, we help draft and sign powers of attorney for our clients.

Estate Planning and Administration

Planning for the time you become older or unable to make a decision is called estate planning. Effective estate planning allows you to transfer your assets to the people or organizations you wish without any legal hassle. Rose Law assists its clients with estate planning and administration. Our attorneys also deal with the sale of estate assets. In case of a person’s death, someone has to be appointed to handle the legal issues. A probate lawyer can seamlessly deal with the matters. We have a team of such lawyers ready to offer these services.